Ten most expensive foods in the world

Imagine for a minute that you were to run into a large amount of money, would your taste in cars change, clothes maybe, and what about food? Would you fancy a dish that is worth as much as the car you’re currently driving? Well, some people are and we’ve managed to get a list of all the expensive foods they have been ingesting in the last couple of years and the obscene amounts of money they’ve spent in order to get them.

From barely obtainable fungus to exquisite sea food, there is no limit to human imagination when cooking and no credit limit for how much some individuals can spend in order to sink their teeth in those rare dishes most of us cannot afford. The following list contains some truly extraordinary dishes made from outlandish receipts by some of the best cooks in the world.

10. The Zillion Dollar Frittata

Most people would not pay $1,000 for a breakfast item containing lobster and eggs, but then again, the individuals who usually buy this stuff aren’t “most people”. This exquisite dish is made from a mixture of sevruga caviar, lobster and eggs and it is being sold as breakfast at only a handful of restaurants across the world.

One of the reasons for that is that the receipt is hard to obtain as no restaurant successful enough to be making a profit out of the Zillion Dollar Frittata would want to share the knowledge of how it’s made for the benefit of mankind alone. People could also try and emulate the dish within the privacy of their own kitchen if it wasn’t for the expensive cost of sevruga caviar and lobster.

9. The World’s Most Expensive Bagel

Created by Frank Tujague of Westin Hotel in New York, this seemingly regular bagel is made with white truffle cream cheese and goji berry infused Riesling jelly to which the cook might add golden leaves for effect. The price tag of $1,000 per unit might seem a little high but you have to remember that most of its ingredients are as rare as they are expensive and hard to obtain.

The white truffle for example is an underground fungus that grows in a certain area of Italy and only during a certain time of the year. Some individuals even harvest the white truffle for the sole reason that they consider it to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

8. Matsutake Mushrooms

The matsusake mushroom’s price is justified by the fact that it’s rare as most of the people who have tasted it claim that it has no special odor whatsoever. At a price of $1,000 per pound, the matsusake mushroom is very hard to obtain especially due to the fact that it cannot be farmed artificially so the people who gather them have to go through a tedious process to do so.

Historically speaking, the matsutake mushroom used to be associated with autumn in Japan but due to some problems with insects as of late, the exports of matsusake mushroom have dropped considerably. Still, rich folk will always find a way to get their hands on this exquisite piece of Japanese cuisine no matter the cost.

7. Wagyu Steak

In order to understand why a piece of meat would cost such a high amount of money, we should probably try to understand the nature of the cows it comes from. The Wagyu cattle of the Kobe varietal are a special breed, and the methods in which they are cared for within the Hyogo prefecture make the meat taste better for some reason. For example, these cows eat a diet of beer while being constantly massaged to make the meat as tender as possible.

It is only natural that this meat would sell for $2,800 per steak in this conditions even though the caretaking necessary for such a product seems a bit excessive. Make no mistake about it, this fat steak isn’t destined for your average Joe, and the people who can actually afford it have only good things to say about this juicy dish.

6. Samundari Khazana

Next on the list we have the world’s most expensive curry, the Samundari Khazana. This dish is an ode to plentifulness in its own right as the ingredients it is made from seem to represent the most expensive tastes in the world combined. This $3,200 dish is made with white truffles, Devon crab, Beluga caviar, and uses gold leafs as a dressing. Around the dish, the cook usually sets up an artistic form made of Scottish lobster, hollowed quails eggs and caviar to give it that unique scent.

What are they using to coat this dish? Well, gold of course, why wouldn’t they? There is no reason why you shouldn’t try out the Samundari Khazana if you ever find yourself in Bombay, other than the fact that it costs more than 3,000 dollars of course.

5. Pizza Royale 007

Ever wondered what a $4,200 pizza would taste like? Wonder no more. Just like the expensive curry from earlier, this 13 inch pizza comes packed with some of the most expensive ingredients in the world.

Made with cognac-marinated lobster, caviar soaked in champagne, sunblush tomato sauce, venison medallions, smoked salmon, vintage balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto, this was designed by it’s creator Domenico Crolla from Italy for the sole purpose of being the most expensive pizza in the world. Additionally, those who buy the Pizza Royale 007 are also encouraged to try the 24-carat gold flakes topping which few seem to refuse.

4. Dansuke Watermelon

This type of watermelon is extremely rare to begin with, so the fact that it costs around $6,000 per unit comes as no surprise. The Densuke black watermelon is a type of watermelon that grows on the Japanese island of Hokkaido and last year, there were only 60 such watermelons that left the island.

These watermelons are a bit harder and crisper than most watermelons and they are supposed to be much sweeter. Usually given as a gift for special occasions, the most expensive such watermelon was sold last year for $6,100 and it weighted around 17 pounds.

3. Yubari Melons

Speaking of melons, there is an even more expensive melon than the Dansuke watermelon and this one also comes from Japan. With a harvest of aproximately 100 melons per year, the farmers of Yubari really know how to market their product. For example, a pair of Yubari Melons was sold to the owner of a seafood business just a couple of years ago for $22,800 at an auction.

The auction itself wasn’t that unique as most Yubari melons are usually sold at auctions and the price of the melons differs from one to another according to their characteristics. Even today, you can find auctions for Yubari melons on Amazon or any other internet auction site so if you ever find yourself in the mood for spending a couple of thousands on a melon, knock yourself out.

2. Almas Caviar

This next dish comes from Iran and it is extremely expensive. The Almas caviar is very hard to obtain and the fact that there is only one restaurant selling it doesn’t help either. The restaurant is called “Caviar House & Prunier” and it is situated in London. They managed to sell a kilogram of Almas Caviar a little while ago for $25,000 although we have to mention that the dish was sold in a 24 karat gold tin.

They also sell less expensive Almas caviar dishes at “only” $11,000 per tin for those with smaller budgets. We are told that just like revenge, this is a dish best served cold, although we will probably never have enough money to find that out.

1. Alba Truffle

This white truffle seems to be a part of many dishes within this top ten and for a good reason. Apparently, this truffle resembles the smell of pheromones which is why the people who look for them use dogs or female pigs to sniff them out. This so called king of all fungi is extremely rare to find and the fact that it grows underground isn’t helping.

As a record, a gigantic 1.5 kilograms white truffle was sold just a short time ago to a real estate investor for the price of $160,000 which makes it the most expensive ever sold. Maybe the rich investor from Hong Kong had a case of buyer’s remorse after the fact, or maybe he was fully satisfied with the purchase, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. People will always be interested in rare and expensive items to buy just for the novelty of having something most people cannot afford.